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Manufacturers may like this as they feel that if they keep retailers It prevents damaging price wars with retailers under-cutting each other in a race to the bottom. Provides support for smaller retailers, Consumer law exists to protect consumers from businesses who engage in potentially harmful practices such as resale price maintenance (RPM).Below, we look at what resale price maintenance is, why the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (CCA) prohibits its practice and how suppliers can legally protect their prices. But resale price maintenance agreements are vertical agreements, not horizontal. How do RPM agreements relate to horizontal antitrust conspiracies? Good question.

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Resale price maintenance (RPM) refers to manufacturer policies that limit retailers’ pricing flexibility. With maximum RPM (a price ceiling), retailers can choose any price that is no higher than the ceiling (e.g., Blair and Lafontaine 1999). If you are considering a resale-price-maintenance agreement or want to challenge one, we may be able to help you. For additional detail on resale-price-maintenance agreements, you can read a related blog post at The Antitrust Attorney Blog. Bona Law PC is a boutique law firm that focuses on antitrust, business litigation, and appeals. Resale Price Maintenance.

Resale Price Maintenance (“RPM”) is a type of vertical price restriction where an upstream supplier requires an independent reseller to resell at a fixed or minimum resale price.

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It is a straight vertical price-fixing agreement. Resale price Maintenance RPM used to be a common practise for manufacturers to set a minimum price for retailers to sell their goods.

Resale price maintenance


Resale price maintenance

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Resale price maintenance

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Resale price maintenance

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Återförsäljningsprisunderhåll ( RPM ) eller  EnglishMr President, in my own country, the United Kingdom, we had a long political debate over the value of resale price maintenance applied to books.

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Resale Price Maintenance (RPM) involves agreements between manufacturers and downstream distributors that set the downstream price of the product, either at a minimum price or a maximum price. Antitrust law, until recently, condemned these vertical price arrangements per se. Now, maximum resale prices are assessed under the rule of reason. Resale price maintenance (RPM) refers broadly to conduct of Resellers in attempting to induce Distributors not to resell their goods at a price less than that which is prescribed by the Supplier.

On average, a new car sold in 2020 will retain 36% of its original value after five years and Resale Price Maintenance with Secret Contracts and Retail Service Externalities by Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen and Bjørn Olav Johansen. Published in volume 9,  Price maintenance, also called resale price maintenance, measures taken by manufacturers or distributors to control the resale prices of their products charged   Individual as well as collective resale price maintenance has been condemned by the Consumer Council, a body set up by the Government. It has been  Abstract: We consider a model in which firms use resale price maintenance. ( RPM) to dampen competition. We find that even though the motive for using. Resale Price Maintenance Agreements or (RPM) are arrangement where resellers agree that they will sell product or products at certain prices at or above price  Antitrust law, until recently, condemned these vertical price arrangements per se. Now, maximum resale prices are assessed under the rule of reason.